[minervacirc] Minerva reboot planned for approx 8:30 this evening (Monday)

Alisia Revitt alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
Mon Apr 10 15:58:21 EDT 2017

Hi, all.

We're going to reboot the Minerva servers this evening at around 8:30 in an
attempt to fix the slowness and dropping problems that folks are regularly
reporting. The down time will hopefully be around 15 minutes.

All staff clients, the web catalog (OPAC), and API requests (logging in to
the Cloud Library or Marvel with barcodes) will be unavailable during the

I know some libraries will still be open at that time, but that will
hopefully minimize the impact.

Updates will be posted to our twitter feed at
http://twitter.com/maineinfonet and the most recent can also be found on
the front page of maineinfonet.org.

Thanks for your understanding,

 Alisia Revitt  |  Library Systems Manager  |  Maine InfoNet  |
alisia.revitt at maineinfonet.org
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