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Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Wed Jun 28 10:52:51 EDT 2017

Good Morning,

I thought I would take just a moment of your time to remind
staff/volunteers/students about the proper procedure for handling INN-Reach
(MaineCat) requests. These are the items that appear on your INN-Reach
Paging List or Slips that were requested through MaineCat

There has been an uptick in items arriving at requesting patron libraries
throughout the different systems in Maine (URSUS, MINERVA, MILS, CBB, UNE,
Maine Maritime, and Portland PL) that haven't been properly checked out,
causing delays to patrons, and resulting in more work for library staff.
The following steps will help move materials from your system to the
requesting patron's library system much more seamlessly.

*Proper steps to handle an INN-Reach request for your item...*

   1. Print INN-Reach Paging List or Slips.
   2. Retrieve the items from the shelves.
   3. For those libraries who use the INN-Reach Paging Lists, go to the
   Check-In function and check in the materials. This is so you can print a
   transit slip for each of the materials. Those libraries who use the
   INN-Reach Paging Slips (usually has the transit and holdshelf slip on
   one page), can skip this step and move on to step 4.
   4. Go to the INN-Reach Checkout to Remote Site function and check-in
   each item. A pop-up message should appear identifying one of the following:
   • 00-00-00: cancelled by .p0000000 at site1
   • 00-00-00 requested by .p0000000 at site1 for pickup at location.
   • 00-00-00 requested by .p0000000 at site1 for pickup at location. Item has
   status PAGED and has been cleared. Send book to above patron at location.
   • Item has not been requested by remote site patrons
   5. When sending the material through the delivery service, please refer
   to the pickup location identified on the **printed slip**, not on the
   message prompt. This better indicates where the item is to be sent,
   especially in the case of Bridge libraries who receive their deliveries
   directly, but fall under the ARRC libraries as their home library:
   Portland PL, Maine State Library, and Bangor PL. This will help cut down on
   misdirected deliveries, especially for those libraries who do not print
   slips, but hand write them.

   (For those who want more information about what occurs when checking an
   item out via the INN-Reach Checkout to Remote Site function this step,
   please view https://csdirect.iii.com/sierrahelp/Content/sgcir/sgcir_
   -- login information will be needed...submit a ticket if you don't know
   the login/pw to support.maineinfonet.org)

*What happens when the above steps aren't done...*

   1. The receiving library most likely will not be able to check the
   material in to trigger the hold for their patron. In some instances, the
   receiving library can add the barcode to the item in their system, but
   not in all cases.
   2. The receiving library then contacts the sending library to try to
   troubleshoot what happened.
   3. This often leads to delays on getting the material out to the
   requesting patron, since it may take finding the right staff member(s) to
   figure it out.
   4. If the requesting and sending libraries can't determine what
   occurred, the issue is then submitted to Maine InfoNet for "fixing",
   usually causing further delays to the requesting patron.

Please make sure that all staff/volunteers/students that handle ILLs are
aware of the proper steps and we can significantly diminish the number of
these "problems". Many thanks for your attention to this matter.


*Lynn A. Uhlman*
*Systems Training and Support Librarian*

*Maine InfoNet*
5784 York Village, Suite 58
Orono, Maine 04469-5784
(207)581-3095 (fax)
Email: lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org <mail+to:lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org>
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