[minervacirc] Why we should keep SMS renewal

Moreno, Judith jmoreno at cmcc.edu
Fri Mar 31 09:15:27 EDT 2017

Happy Friday Minervians,

The Circulation Standards Committee is recommending to the Minerva Board that the SMS renewal functionality (renewing via text messaging) be turned off.

I understand that some patrons are unhappy with this option because it renews all items that are eligible to be renewed on their account, and not just a single item. Some libraries give their patrons the option of being able to renew their items as much as 7 days before they are due, and so patrons miss out on loan time if they inadvertently renew using SMS.

Our students and staff at Central Maine Community College do like this option.  A lot.  Perhaps it is our demographic of twenty somethings that do almost everything with their phones.  The fact is, renewing by SMS is an added bonus, it's easy, and not one of our patrons has complained that they inadvertently renewed some items they didn't want to.  Our students avoid overdues using a feature that is very 21st century.

Granted, the SMS message one currently receives doesn't really explain the process of renewing via SMS, but if this text were changed, it certainly would help. Another opportunity to educate patrons is when they opt into SMS messaging. Renewal functionality could easily be explained on the opt in screen.  We hand out bookmarks to our students when they check something out that explains how to opt in and how renewals work.  The response is almost always: "Cool!"

Let's keep being cool librarians, and not turn this off.

Best regards,


Judi Moreno
Public Services Librarian
Central Maine Community College
Auburn, Maine 04210
jmoreno at cmcc.edu

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