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Minervans -

[Excuse the cross posting, but we want to get this spread across the Minerva group]

I have been remiss in not formally announcing this sooner, but here it is...

In addition to the new Cataloging policy regarding pre-release records for video materials (Which Kathryn Morgan posted on 1/27), there are several new Minerva Circulation policies now in place.

Following months of discussions online and at multiple consortia meetings, the Circulation Standards Committee recently submitted six policies to the Executive Board for consideration.  These six were changes to the few existing policies we had in place previously, as well as some new additions.  The Executive Board ratified all six policies at our last meeting on January 10, and are now in effect as current Minerva policies.

All are now posted here (under the CIRCULATION header):


Please review these and make sure that staff at your library are aware of these policies since, as mentioned, some represent changes to previously existing policies (billing, for one) while others are entirely new.

Thanks to James Rathbun and the rest of the Circulation Standards Committee for their work on this, and thanks to all who participated in the process.


Kevin M. Davis
Chair, Minerva Executive Board
Director, South Portland Public Library

NOTICE: Under Maine's Freedom of Access ("Right-to-Know") law, documents - including e-mail - in the possession of public officials about City business are classified as public records. This means if anyone asks to see it, we are required to provide it. There are very few exceptions. We welcome citizen comments and want to hear from our residents, but please keep in mind that what you write in an e-mail is not private and could show up in the local newspaper.
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