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Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Wed Jan 24 12:20:22 EST 2018

​​Good Afternoon,

As you are all aware, this morning each ILS (URSUS, MINERVA, and MILS) was
updated to the latest version of Sierra 3.3, which will include features
and known issue fixes from Sierra 3.2, as well.

New features and known issue fixes:

Sierra 3.3

   - WebPAC (OPAC) warns patrons 20 seconds before timing out or closing
   popups, in compliance with W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines for Timeouts
   - Permission 191 (Restrict user to status 1 order creation) no longer
   overrides 132 (Create order records)
   - Continued performance improvements for Create Lists
   - Continued performance improvements for Delete Records
   - New API Endpoints
   - New API features
   - Known Issues fixed that you may have experienced:


      - Create Lists searches on the MARC tag field using the wildcard “?”
         (question mark) fail.
         - If the wildcard character is in the far right position (xx?),
         results are as expected. If wildcard is in the middle
position (x?x), some
         records that should meet the search criteria are not found.
If wildcard is
         in the left position (?xx), search results in error occurred
         query message.


      - Using Email to Patron, due slip emailed to wrong patron under
         certain circumstances  When using Email to Patron, the date due slip
         emailed to the wrong patron when staff check out an item in
Circ Desk and
         then switch to the Check In tab (without closing the first
patron record)
         and check in an item from another patron.
         - The patron telephone number no longer displays in the Patron
         browse screen.
         The patron telephone number (the t-tagged field in the patron
         record) no longer displays in the Patron browse screen.
Reported in Sierra
         2.0 SP1.

      - Web Management Reports - some Fund Reports fail to load
         Web Management Reports - Fund Reports will not load certain URLs
         containing fund or hierarchy names.  When trying to view certain fund
         reports, users may get pop-ups for "Opening table_1x1",
"Opening tool_1x1",
         and "Opening logo".
         - Web Management Reports:  “Remove Existing Tables” button
         The "Remove Existing Tables" button in Web Management Reports does
         not work.  When you click on it, nothing happens. You see the progress
         indicator, but no change.

Sierra 3.2

   - New API Endpoints
   - New API features
   - Known Issues fixed that you may have experienced:
         - Sierra Statistics on checkin and order records is not working
         Sierra Statistics cannot generate Field Statistics, Periodic
         Statistics and Cross Tab Statistics on a review file or range of
         checkin/vendor/order records.
         - Incorrect material type label displayed in Z39.50 remote search
         The correct material type and icon should display in the search
         - Statistics: no option to select PTYPE or ITYPE when you run a
         Cross tab report on Patron or Item Records
         It seems like it is not possible to select PTYPE or ITYPE when you
         run a Cross tab report on Patron or Item Records in the
Sierra Statistics
         - Partial payments recorded as "previous paid"
         In Fines Paid, the amount paid is sometimes written to the
         "Previous Paid" field instead of to "Amount Paid." This
happens when staff
         check in an overdue item, assessing an overdue fine, and then
partially pay
         that fine in the same session.
      - SERIALS
         - Navigating between Routing function in Serials workflow and all
         other functions and workflows is crashing Sierra
         In Sierra's Routing function, doing an initial search here and
         then trying to move to another function will freeze the
initials search box
         and make all other indexing options from the drop down menu disappear

If you have any questions or notice any issues, please feel free to contact
us via http://support.maineinfonet.org.

*Lynn A. Uhlman* | Systems Training and Support Librarian

*Maine InfoNet*T (207)581-3088   F (207)581-3095
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