[minervacirc] Send in The Crown (or maybe not)

Davis, Kevin kdavis at southportland.org
Fri Jul 6 17:50:59 EDT 2018

You are correct - the copies available on Amazon (and eBay) are bootlegs.  This has not been released here in the US currently.

Unfortunately, this is becoming more prevalent in the catalog, as people are anxious to get particular titles, and Amazon apparently feels no compulsion to not allow bootleg sales on their site.  Locally, we have been getting requests for titles that our patrons “see on Amazon” and we need to explain that these are not legitimate copies.  When I came across one in the catalog  a few weeks ago, I emailed the director of the library circulating it to let them know and, I believe, the disc was pulled.

Minerva-wise, I think it would be good to get a policy in place ASAP.  I don’t want my library to be complicit in the distribution of copyright infringing work.


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On Jul 6, 2018, at 5:29 PM, Andy Ryer <aryer at thomas.lib.me.us<mailto:aryer at thomas.lib.me.us>> wrote:

Hello, Minerva,

I just came across something strange and wanted to run it by the group. A patron came in this afternoon and inquired as to his place on the wait list for the DVD of The Crown: Season 2. Now, to the best of my knowledge, season 2 of this extremely popular series hasn't yet been released, but there it was on hold for him, with two copies of the DVD in the system. There were 59 holds on these two copies. They have both circulated multiple times. When I checked Amazon to see when this item had been released the only thing I found were a few listings for what appear to be bootleg copies of this series.

So, how does one proceed from here? If the DVDs are indeed bootlegs, should they be circulating? It seems like a pretty blatant copyright issue if these are not official releases. And if that's the case, should all patron holds be cancelled? Perhaps this is an issue for catalogers? Or those doing collection development? At any rate, if these are bootleg copies of this series it seems troubling/surprising that 59 holds accrued on the items without this coming to light until now. So, maybe I'm missing something? Anyone want to weigh in on this? Seems like a topic ripe for a heated listserv chewing over (I'm looking at you here, catalogers. I know you're a bloodthirsty lot always spoiling for a fight. So bring it.). Thanks for your input/insight to anyone who chooses to give it. Have a spellbinding weekend, everyone.

--Andy Ryer
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