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Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Fri May 11 11:18:19 EDT 2018

The recent CloudLibrary update has restored the ability to block patron
accounts who have expired accounts or those that are manually blocked (the
mblock field) in their Minerva/MILS/URSUS patron records.

Early next week, the blocking of expired and/or manually blocked patrons
will be activated for all libraries that are part of the Minerva, MILS, or
URSUS Sierra systems. This will restore a function that had been active in
the previous Overdrive platform.

A patron record that is expired and/or contains any value other than '-' in
the mblock field will block a patron from using the Download Library until
the patron's home library updates their account.

This will better allow libraries to block access to the Download Library
content based on inactivity, delinquency, or some other need. It will
better identify patrons who aren't using the Download Library, as well as
those who are, and keep
​contact information
up to
on patrons who may not physically use the library.

Please let all staff know that they may receive calls/emails from patrons
inquiring as to why they can't access the Download Library. It may be due
to an expired account or a setting in the mblock field of the patron's
account that is prohibiting the patron from accessing CloudLibrary content

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