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Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Thu Oct 18 10:34:15 EDT 2018

 Good Morning,

We are happy to announce that the statistical product Decision Center (DC)
is now ready for you to use. Please access the documentation, URLs and
username/password information at:

Decision Center is a useful tool for certain types of statistical
information or analysis you need to make. Decision Center shows aspects of
circulation, collection management, and acquisition reports in a more
granular fashion than Web Management Reports, as well as offering
suggestions based on the data.

Types of reports found in Decision Center:

   -    Basic circulation activity reports
   -    In-depth circulation activity reports
   -    INN-Reach checkouts
   -    INN-Reach all circulation activity
   -    Age of Collection
   -    Collection Development
   -    Turnover
   -    Weeding recommendations
   -    Purchasing recommendations

We are rolling out DC for general use, but please note that:

   - Not all reports may work as well for a consortium as it would for a
   stand-alone library.
   - Please be aware of what information you are trying to determine and
   what reports provide that information. You can find descriptions of the
   reports in the Maine InfoNet manual found at
   and in III's manual by clicking on the *Help *link in Decision Center to
   view the technical manual.
   - Tutorials on grabbing specific data for your routine reports are not
   available at this time. Once there is more familiarity with the product and
   users can vouch for the usefulness of the various reports, tutorials will
   be created.
   - Circulation activity for the State Annual Report will still need to be
   derived from the Web Management Reports (WMR) as it is "easier" to identify
   adult and juvenile locations in that product. As always, statistical
   information can be found via the Web Management Reports or Statistics
   section of the Maine InfoNet website:
      - MILS -
         - Statistics -- http://www.maineinfonet.org/mils/statistics/
         - WMR -- http://mils.maine.edu/manage
      - Minerva -
         - Statistics -- http://www.maineinfonet.org/minerva/statistics/
         - WMR -- http://minerva.maine.edu/manage
      - URSUS -
         - Statistics -- http://www.maineinfonet.org/ursus/statistics/
         - WMR -- http://ursus.maine.edu/manage

If you have any questions or need clarification, please submit a ticket at

Kind regards,
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