[minervacirc] MinervaCirc email list has moved! Action required to join new list!

Lynn Uhlman lynn.uhlman at maineinfonet.org
Fri Oct 19 14:09:25 EDT 2018

Good Afternoon-
The Minerva Circulation email list has a new home and a new email address!
As mentioned at the recent Minerva Circulation Roundtable, the circulation
email list has been experiencing spam emails of a highly sensitive nature
and it was suggested to move the email list to a Google Group listserv.

The new email address for posting to MinervaCirc is
minervacirc at maineinfonet.org. Make sure to add this to your contacts.

MinervaCirc focuses on circulation practices, lending and borrowing
discussions, and related issues as they apply to the Minerva online library
system. Anyone working at a Minerva library who handles circulation or
interlibrary loan should be subscribed to this list.

Many of you that were on the old email list have already been signed up for
the new email list. This was done for members who had easily identifiable
email addresses ending with library or town domains (i.e. @camdenlibrary.org,
@lithgow.lib.me.us, etc.) and those members should have already received a
welcome message for the new email list. For those that have not received a
welcome message, please register for the list as soon as possible.

You can be added to the list in one of two ways:

Easiest: https://groups.google.com/a/maineinfonet.org/d/forum/minervacirc
and click on "Apply for Membership" and fill in the form that will pop up.

Alternate method: Open a ticket with Maine InfoNet at
http://support.maineinfonet.org asking to be added to the list.

Following this email, we will be mass unsubscribing users of the old
MinervaCirc listserv and decommissioning the list.  This is being done
primarily since the old list host is extremely out of date and has become a
source of pornograhic spam.

All future MinervaCirc email will be distributed by the new list.  Once a
member of the new list, you can post to the list by emailing
minervacirc at maineinfonet.org

Please register as soon as possible for the new list!

*Lynn A. Uhlman* | Systems Training and Support Librarian

*Maine InfoNet*T (207)581-3088   F (207)581-3095
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